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Opening Hours

Library On session  On holidays
Central Library (K. Donelaičio St. 20)
Informatics Library (Studentų St. 50)
I–IV 8–21*
V 8–19
VI  9–17
I–IV 8–17
V 8–15:45
Civil Engineering and Architecture Library (Studentų St. 48)
Mechanical Engineering and Design Library (Studentų St. 56)
I–IV 8–20
V 8–18
VI  9–17
I–IV 8–17
V 8–15:45
Chemical Technology Library (Radvilėnų Rd. 19) I–IV 8–18
V 8–17  
VI 9–17**
I–IV 8–17
V 8–15:45
Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business Library (Nemuno St. 33, Panevėžys)*** I-IV 8:30-18:30
V 8:30-17:15
VI 10-15
I–V 9–17:30

The library is closed for users 8.00-12.00 am. on the last working day of every month (except April, May, October, November). Shorter opening hours before public holidays.
* Orders are carried out up to 19 hours at the Central Library.
** Open each second and third Saturday.
Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business Library is closed for visitors on the last day of the month.

Subscribed Databases

Important information regarding to the subscribed databases

Please be advised that licences for databases, which were subscribed by project eMoDB.LT2: Opening of the Online Research Databases for Lithuania – Stage 2, are ending on July 18 - September 20 days of this year. The third stage of the project is behind schedule, and content of some databases may be unavailable for a while. Here ( you can find updated information about subscribed databases and access conditions. 

The Information retrieval page contains basic information about searching for information from databases. To use e-resources from home computers is required an access via VPN (Virtual Private Network), KTU Virtual LibraryEZproxy.

Article databases


eReference works

Free Trial Databases

KTU Science Publications Database

Science Publications Database. The database contains entries of publications by employees of the University. The entries are combined with the University information system administration data. It enables university employees to analyze their publications, generate statistical reports, print lists of bibliographies.


Questions about publications upload – Rita Jašmontienė, Edita Ražanskaitė
Phone: 8 (37) 300 652

Questions about reports – Indrė Drulytė
Phone: 8 (37) 300 043

Technical and login questions – Mindaugas Muckus

Uploading Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

1.    At eLABa website choose link Deposit to eLABa repository.
2.    Choose institution: Kaunas University of Technology
3.    Login with KTU single sign-on account.



Library collection covers all subject fields of KTU education and research. In printed collections there are text books, monographs, reference books, scientific journals and other printed materials. The collections of the faculty libraries contain material on specific study and research fields.


  1. The University faculties and students can login with their KTU Single Sign-On account. Non-university community members can access using ID and password provided by the Library.
  2. After the request is made you will receive a notification via an e-mail. You can follow your booking requests and information about your borrowed items at the My account.
  3. You can borrow a book at that library where your requested book is allocated.
  4. Your book request is valid for you 3 workdays. After this time your request is canceled.

For help and support you can ask at the Information Desk, by phone +370 37 300 655 or e-mail

KTU Research Journals

In 2012 KTU integrated ePublishing System for its research journals – Open Journal Systems (OJS). The system provides an opportunity to orgnanise and manage all the necessary steps for publishing journals interactively from start to finish. At the moment it accomodates 14 KTU research journals.


Physical, biomedical and technological sciences

Environmental Research, Engineering and Management

Print ISSN: 1392-1649

Online ISSN: 2029-2139 

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis

Chemical Technology

Print ISSN: 1392-1231
Online ISSN: 2029-719X

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Vytautas Mickevičius

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Referred in Web of Knowledge database

Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Algimantas Valinevičius

Information Technology And Control

Referred in Web of Knowledge database

Print ISSN: 1392-124X
Online ISSN: 2335-884X

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Rimantas Šeinauskas


Referred in Web of Knowledge database

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Vytautas Ostaševičius

Materials Science

Referred in Web of Knowledge database

Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Sigitas Tamulevičius


ISSN: 1392-2114

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Rymantas Jonas Kažys

Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering

Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Žymantas Rudžionis

Humanities and Social Sciences

European Integration Studies

Print ISSN: 1822-8402
Online ISSN: 2335-8831

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Kęstutis Kriščiūnas


Economics and management

Print ISSN: 1822-6515
Online ISSN: 2029-9338

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Gražina Startienė

Engineering Economics

Referred in Web of Knowledge database

Print ISSN: 1392-2785

Online ISSN: 2029-5839

Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Bronius Neverauskas

Language Studies

Print ISSN: 1648-2824
Online ISSN: 2029-7203

Editor in Chief Prof. dr. Vilmantė Liubinienė

Social Sciences

Print ISSN: 1392-0758
Online ISSN: 2029-7319

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Brigita Janiūnaitė

Public Policy And Administration

Print ISSN: 1648-2603
Online ISSN: 2029-2872

Editor-in-Chief  prof. Dr. Algis Junevičius/ prof. Dr. Tadas Sudnickas

Co-Published with Mykolas Romeris University

Journal Archives (until 2012 m.) » 

Open Access

The video recording and slides of the presentations at the 5th FOSTER seminar held on the 31st of March 2016.

The video recording of the seminar is available here:

The video recording and presentation of the FOSTER seminar held on the 29th of October 2015:

The video recording and presentation of the seminar "Elsevier connects Lithuania" held on the 27th of May 2015:

The video recording of the seminar is available here:

Webinar for OpenAIRE NOADs. The EC FP7 post-grant Gold Open Access Pilot by Pablo de Castro. The Hague, the 19th of May 2015.

The presentations of FOSTER seminar on Open Access to Research Data held on the 15th of April 2015:

The video recording of the seminar is available here:

The video recordings of the FOSTER seminar “Promoting Open Science among Young Researchers: Challenges and Opportunities” held on the 19th of March 2015:



Developing information literacy skills to make the most of our rich information environment at the University is not only important to you whilst you are studying at the University, it is also vital for your future employability and career progression. Being able to demonstrate your familiarity with using databases widely used within your intended industry/profession will be highly valued by potential employers.

It is important that you develop an understanding of the information resources available to you, learn how to use them effectively and most importantly how to evaluate the content they provide. We offer training in a group or one-on-one training to ensure that you are able to make the most of our resources. We also help you to develop your study skills by offering courses on how to evaluate information sources and references correctly and avoid plagiarism.

The training is provided to teachers and students on the following themes:

More information and registration for the training is available at the Central Library, room 207, tel. no. 300 652 or by e-mail:

Video Guides

Reference manager and PDF organizer:

EndNote (video guides). Getting Started Guide.

Mendeley (video guides). Help guides.

RefWorks (video guides)Quick-Start Guide.
Export Citations from RefWorks to Mendeley (video guide).


American Chemical Society Basic Search (video guides).

Credo Online Reference Service Basic search (video guides).

Ebrary Basic search (video guides).

EBSCOhost Basic Search (video guides).
EBSCO eBooks Search  (video guides).

IEEE Xplore Basic Search (video guides). More video guides.

SpringerLink Basic Search (video guides).

Web of Science (video guides).


Lending Services

The University Library is most the important resource in supplying information to studies and research. There are six libraries situated in the centre of the city and in the University campus.

The Library is open to the public. The rules and regulations of the library apply to the library visitor/user according to his/her status as a student or an employee of the University or as a member of the general public.

The Student Card

The Lithuanian Student Identity Cards (LSIC) and the International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) (hereinafter — Student Card) can be used as library cards for the students. All other library users are required to present a passport or a (personal) identity card. The Student Card is a valid document. Borrowers are responsible for all loans made with their Student Card until they are returned. The loss of the Student‘s Card must be reported immediately to the University Library, and the Student Card will then be blocked.

All borrowers must use their Student Card/Identity Card each time a loan is made.

Loans and reservations

Most of the latest (resent) items are freely accessible on open shelves. University students and employees can borrow books and other items from the library collection (or make reservations). Before borrowing users have to order items from the Library catalogue or in KTU virtual library. Loans should be registered at the information desk. Borrowers must treat the property of the Library with care and protect it from damage.

Loan period

  • The loan period for the course books is from 7 days to 6 months;
  • For other items — from 1 day to 30 days.

All borrowed items must be returned before the end of the loan period. Knowing when the Library items are due, and returning or renewing the loans on time, is the borrowers‘ responsibility.

Renewal of loans

Renewal of loans may be made if the item has not been reserved by another person or your debt does not exceed 2 EUR.

Renewals can be made via the Catalogue or KTU virtual library homepage, contact by phone or visit your nearest library information desk.

Items not to be borrowed

Items which may not be borrowed from the Library are: reference literature, journals, daily newspapers, official statistics, dissertations and their summaries, old items and literature which is necessary for study and research in the library.

Overdue items (loans)

When the loan period has ended you will receive an e-mail from the Library suggesting that you either renew or return the loan. If you fail to do this you will be charged a fee of 0,03 EUR per day for one overdue item.

For payment voucher please contact by phone, e-mail or visit your nearest Library information desk. Students may also ask the Library to form the payment voucher via AIS (Academic Information System).


Knowing when the library items are due and returning items on time is the borrower's responsibility.

Any borrower who does not return his/her loan on time will be suspended from the Library and will be liable to pay compensation. Suspension ceases when the items is returned and/or all debts to the library are settled.

Borrower, upon losing or irreparably damaging the item, will have to replace it with a new copy of the exact book or an equivalent item, approved by the Library from the included list. Before repurchasing the book you should consult with the Library from which you borrowed the item.

All graduating students (before diploma awards or termination of their studies) as well as all employees who have terminated the employment contract or left for a long-term internship or vacation are required to return the borrowed items or pay for the lost ones.

Students can check their current status with the library in KTU Academic Information System (AIS). The process is explained in short guide. When the settlement with the Library is confirmed in the AIS, coming to the Library is not required.

The library lends laptop, projector for use in the library

  • University community members can borrow a laptop, projector (library use only), users must provide a valid Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC), employee ID card, personal identity card or passport.

Self-service Copying and Printing

  • Photocopying with self-service photocopiers and printing from the library computers are charged at 0,04 EUR per sheet.
  • Scanning of documents is charged at 0,02 EUR per sheet.

Instructions for using the self-service copying, printing and scanning system.

Interlibrary Loan Services

  • Researchers and students can request Interlibrary Loan of the material that is not held at any Library of the University.
  • All Interlibrary Loans is fee-based. The expenses are covered by users.
  • You can make Interlibrary Loan request at the Central Library by e-mail


Reading Rooms

The work places in the reading rooms are used for studying and doing research.

Group work Computer Room

There are special places equipped with computers allocated for the students’ group work needs in the Central Library. The group work rooms 203a, 203 and 204 located in the Central Library can be booked in advance at the Information Desk or by phone +370 37 300 655.

Computer Workstations and Printing

The Central Library and Faculty Libraries provide access to computers and the Internet. The computers can be used either individually or for group work. The users can browse the Internet, use Microsoft operating system, Microsoft Office package and other application programmes, USB ports, memory card slots and CD/DVD writers. The subscribed and free trial databases are available for the University faculties and students. To use computer work stations a login with University faculty and students KTU Single Sign-On account is required. The use is limited to KTU students and staff.

Usage of computers is regulated by the Rules on Computer Use. Photocopying with self-service photocopiers and printing from the library computers are charged at 0,04 EUR per sheet. Scanning of documents is free of charge.

Internet Connection

Students and faculties can access the Internet using the Library computer workstations. The users can use their own laptops and connect to the internet via wi-fi. User name or password is needed to use wireless network. Please, login with University faculty and students KTU Single Sign-On account.

About Library

The Library of University is one of the largest in Lithuania, it stores and continuously replenishes one of the richest collections of printed books and periodicals on engineering, technology and sciences in Lithuanian and foreign languages, it provides access to e-resources.

Throughout the entire period of its activities the Library of the University has been open to both the University community and to the public: it renders services to general academic community of the city, specialists of industrial enterprises, businessmen.

The Library‘s mission – to provide effective services which are oriented to current and future teaching, learning and research needs providing access to preserved in Library and available online scientific knowledge and information resources.

The Library's vision – center of modern studies and resources of scientific information with integrated physical and virtual spaces ensuring favourable for studies and research information environment, services and access to scientific knowledge and information resources.

Description of procedure for use of library services at Kaunas University of Technology
Rules for use of rare publications

Library history: dates, events, facts
In 1923 on January 1                                         A library was founded at the University of Lithuania. The core of its collection was formed from the library of the School of Higher Studies, and the personal library of Adalbert Bezzenberger, professor of Konigsberg University.
1922-1940 The University had 7 Faculty libraries working independently.
1923-1944 The office of Library Director was held by prof. Vaclovas Biržiška.
1924-1944 The Institute of Bibliography was working on the basis of the Library.
1926 Publication of a facsimile edition of Postilla Catholicka by M. Daukša (originally published in 1599).
1928-1943 Bibliografijos žinios (Bibliography News)the journal of national current bibliography, was prepared by the library staff and published since 1936.
1929 The Library was moved to the Main Building (now Building 2). Publication of a manuscript by S. Daukantas Darbai senovės lietuvių ir žemaičių, 1822, (Labours of Ancient Lithuanians and Samogitians).
1930-1946 The Library was known as the Library of Vytautas Magnus University.
1934-1941 J. Tumas-Vaižgantas Museum was open to visitors at the Library.
1934 Publication of the first volume of Istorijos archyvas (The History Archives) compiled by historian Konstantinas Jablonskis covering the inventory records of the 16th century estates stored in the manuscript depository.
1937 The Library joined the international interlibrary loan service system. Publication of Mūsų senovė (Our Ancient Times) a serial edition of Lithuanian history was resumed.
1940 The Library had its branch libraries opened at the Faculties of Medicine (until 1950), Philology (until 1948), and Technology (now the Chemical Engineering faculty Group).
1943 Nazi invaders closed the University and took over the Library premises. 
1944 The University and the Library resumed their activities.
1944-1946 The office of Library Director was held by prof. Augustinas Janulaitis.
1946-1948 The office of Library Director was held by Vincas Ruzgas.
1946-1950 The Library was known as the Library of Kaunas State University.
1948-1976 The office of Library Director was held by Stefanija Užkurytė.
1950 The University was reorganized to the Polytechnic and Medical Institutes. The Library premises and majority of books and periodicals passed into the possession of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute.
1951-1974 The Library was known as the Library of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute.
1953 A branch library was opened at the Civil Engineering faculty (now the Civil Engineering faculty Group).
1956-1969 The Library had its branch at Vilnius Faculty. Later, it was handed over to Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (now Vilnius Gediminas Technical University).
1961-1991 The Library had its branch at Klaipėda Faculty. Later, it was handed over to Klaipėda University.
1962-1997 The Library had its branch at Šiauliai Faculty. It was handed over to Šiauliai University.
1963 A library branch was founded at Panevėžys Faculty (now the Library Panevėžys Institute).
1963-1983 Four scientific conferences were held to commemorate anniversaries of the Library.
1965 A lending department was founded at the Machine Building faculty (now the Mechanical Engineering faculty Group).
1966-1989 A bibliographical index of Lithuanian architecture Lietuvos architektūra (Lithuanian Architecture), six indices of institute publications, a coursebook Informatikos pagrindai (Basics of Informatics), reader's guides, etc. were published.
1969 A branch library was set up at the Radioelectronics faculty (now Informatics faculty Group).
1974-1989 The Library was known as the Library of Kaunas Antanas Sniečkus Politechnic Institute.
1976-1991 The office of Library Director was held by Genovaitė Romanovienė.
1978 The Rare Books Department was set up.
1984 A branch library was set up in new premises of the Design and Technologies faculty (now the Design and Technologies faculty Group).
1987 Prenumerata – a computer program for subscription to periodicals was installed.
1990 Since 1990 the Library has been known as the Library of Kaunas University of Technology.
1991 Since 1991 the office of Library Director has been by Genė Duobinienė.
1992 The Library entered into the contacts with colleagues of the Nordic counties, West Europe and the USA.
1993 Since 1993 the database Publikacijos (Publication) covering the scientific publications by the University staff has been exploited. 
The Central European conference – exhibition of Information Science and academic libraries Information Users in the 21st Century was held at Lithuanian Technical Library. The University Library was one of the organizers of that event.
1995-1999 An integrated library information system CICERO (DANTEK, Denmark) was functioning at the Library. In 1997 the circulation module was implemented in the Central Library.
1996 Since 1996 the annual exhibitions of scientific and academic books of the Western publishing houses have been held jointly with the books trade companies.
Since 1996 search for information in the world DBs has been started.
A memorial bas-relief was unveiled for professor Vaclovas Biržiška, former director of the Library (sculptor Stasys Žirgulis). The seminar Readings from Vaclovas Biržiška was held.
Konstantinas Savickas Reading Hall equipped from his sponsorship to Kaunas University of Technology was opened.
Since1996 the Library computer catalogue has become accessible to users on LAN and on the Internet.
1997 The 450th anniversary of the first Lithuanian printed book was commemorated by an exhibition Lithuanian History in Books held at Tonsberg Public Library (Vestfold Country, Norway) organized in co-operation with the Kaunas County Public Library.
1998 Two Internet Reading Rooms were opened to users.
1998-1999 Participation in the user distance learning project DEDICATE 
(Distance Education Information Courses with Access through Networks) financed by EC DG XIII.
1999 In accordance with the project of the Lithuanian Academic Library Network (LABT), the integrated library information system ALEPH 500 (Ex Libris, Israel) was installed.
2001-2004 The premises of the Central Library (its first floor) were renovated – the up-to date Reading Hall was opened.
2001 In accordance with the program Information Technologies for science and studies (ITMIS) 2001-2006 adopted by the Department of Science and Studies, the project Concept of the LABT Development: Virtual Library of Lithuania was prepared with a team of authors.
2002-2004 Participation in the EC 5 FP project PERINE (Pedagogical and Educational Research Information Network for Europe in 2002-2004) together with the Institute of Educational Studies (KTU).
2002 In accordance with the ITMIS program, a study Analysis of Needs and Potentials in the Development of Full-text DBs and Electronic Publishing was prepared collectively with a team of authors.
Doctoral (PhD) degrees were awarded to: Nijolė Lietuvninkaitė for her thesis Kaunas Book Culture in 1843-1918 (Humanities, Communication and Information 06H); Edita Korzonaitė for her thesis Development of Human Behavior with Dead persons Spirits in Legends and Traditions (Humanities, Ethnology 07H).
The library of the Mechanical Engineering faculty moved to new premises in Building 8, its Reading Room was provided with open access and computer-equipped work places.
2003 Since 2003 the Library participates in the State program of Lithuanian Millenary.
2004 The new database Elektroninės tezės ir disertacijos (Electronic Theses and Disertations) went into operation.
The catalogue Stanislovo Didžiulio asmenine bioblioteka (Stanislovas Didžiulis` Personal Library) compiled by dr. Nijolė Lietuvninkaitė was published.
2004-2005 The Library participated in the research program Development of Research by Applying Full-text Databases for Meeting the Needs of Study and Research Information (under Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pranas Žiliukas) financed by Lithuanian Science and Studies Foundation.
The library of the Chemical Technology faculty was renovated and an Internet Reading Room opened.
2005-2008 The library participates in two ES SF projects Lithuanian Virtual Library and Creation of Full-text Databases and Accumulation and Presentation of Lithuanian Science and Studies E-Documents to Users.
2005 The library of Panevežys Institute moved to new premises at the Management and Administration faculty, its Reading Room was provided with open access and computer-equipped workplaces.
Gintarė Tautkevičienė was awarded Doctoral (PhD) degree for her thesis University Library Education Factors Empowering Students into Learning Environment.
2006 The scientific monograph Kaunas Old Book: it's Significance and Development in the Period of 1843-1918 by Nijolė Lietuvninkaitė was published.
The library at the Electronics Building was renovated: its Lending and Reading Rooms were incorporated into one space, open access shelves were arranged, computer-equipped workplaces were provided, and the security system 3M was installed.
The library Design and Technologies faculty underwent the renovation: its Reading Room was provided with open access and computer-equipped workplaces.
2006-2007 The collection of Kaunas old iconic photographs (1863-1940) and the Old Lithuanian writing record Ewangelie polskie y litewskie (1647) by Jonas Jaknavičius were recognized as the objects of national and regional document heritage and were catalogued into the Lithuanian national register of the UNESCO program Memory of the World.
2007 Dr Nijolė Lietuvninkaitė, Head of Rare Books Department, received the Martynas Mažvydas Award by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for her work in the field of the Lithuanian language, the history of writing and the art of the book.
2008 Genė Duobinienė, Library Director, received an award from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for achievements in the field in librarianship, bibliography, book science, research and practical activity in the library.
DB Electronic Academic Library of Lithuania (eLABa) went into operation.
The study “Quality and Meeting the Teaching/Learning Needs at the Libraries of Comprehensive Schools and Higher Education Institutions” initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania was carried out.  
2008-2009 Participation in the project “Libraries for Innovation“(coordinated by the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium): teaching the course “Internet resources and new library services“ and developing the course “Internet resources for library visitors“.
2009 The premises of the first floor in the Central Library were renovated and the closed stack of the Rare Books Department was modernized.
2009-2011 Participation in the project  “EMoDB.LT: Opening of the Online Research Databases for Lithuania“(coordinated by the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium”):  the research “Assessment of Demand and Scope of Training Scientists and Other Researchers on the Use of Online Research Information“ was carried out, training modules were developed and training sessions for researchers were held.
The premises of the Civil Engineering Faculty Library (the Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty Library at present) were renovated, as well as the Library homepage; the open stack was developed and the security system implemented.
2009-2012 Participation in EU FP7 research project OpenAIRE (European Research Open Access Infrastructure).
2010 Dr. Gintarė Tautkevičienė, Head of the Information Services Department, was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for her achievements in the field of librarianship, bibliography, book science, research and practical activity in the library. 
Two major publications: 
the monograph “Educational Power of the University: Response to the Challenges of the 21st Century” (Genė Duobinienė and Dr Gintarė Tautkevičienė among the co-authors); 
the research study “Assessment of demand and scope of training of scientists and other researchers on the use of online research information“.
2010-2013 Participation in the project coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania “Developing and implementing the models for HE students’ carrier education and carrier monitoring, qualification development and relevant materials for specialists in vocational orientation (Stage I).“
2010-2014 Participation in the national project on the national traditions and heritage to mention Kristijonas Donelaitis’ anniversary of 300 years.
2010-2014 Participation in the project funded by the Research Council of Lithuania and the European Social Fund devoted for the development of international research database Lituanistika.
2010-2014 Dr Gintarė Tautkevičienė held the Chair of Advisory Council in the international organization EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries).
2011 Participation in the project coordinated by the Lithuanian Research Library Consortium “Let’s encourage Open Access in Lithuania“: videos created, a survey carried out, the scientific conference “Let’s Open Scientific Knowledge to the World” organized.
2011-2014 Participation in the EU FP7 project OpenAIREplus (“2nd Generation of Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe“).2013 Seminar “Open Access Infrastructure, Legal Issues and Continuity Ensurance” was held. Subsequently, the project application for Horizon2020 was developed and funding received for the project OpenAIRE2020.
2012 The project “Open Access from the Perspective of Young Researchers” funded by the international organization EIFL was implemented: a series of seminars (“Open science: why does it matter?“, “Intellectual property, creative commons and open access“, “Why open access is important for researchers“) and the discussion “Development of Open Access in Lithuania“ were held.
2013 The project on the renewal and development of the Library in line with the Resolution on the renewal of the research and study at the University renewal programme for 2013-2014 No. V7-T-6 approved by the Council of Kaunas University of Technology on the 28th of March, 2013  and the Senate Resolution of the 4th of July 2013, No. V-3-S42.
2013 Dr. Gintarė Tautkevičienė took the chair of Open Access to Scientific Information and Research working group in the Lithuanian National UNESCO Commission.
2014 Participation in the research proposed by the project LIBITOP (“Optimization of the Opportunities for the Optimization of Network of Lithuanian Libraries”):  research report “Research on the Lithuanian National and Municipal Public Libraries’ Strategies and Quantitative Performance Indicators” by Zinaida Manžuch and Gintarė Tautkevičienė.
2014 Dr Gintarė Tautkevičienė became EIFL Open Access coordinator in Lithuania.
2014 Participation in FP7 project FOSTER: training sessions are carried out for researchers in Lithuania “Promoting Open Science among Young Researchers: Challenges and Opportunities”.
Since 15th of December, 2014 Gintarė Tautkevičienė holds the office of Library Director.
2015 Participation in “Horizon2020” project “Open Access Infrastructure for Research OpenAIRE 2020“.


Suggest a Book

You can suggest buying a new publication. Before you do this, please make sure it is not in the library catalogue yet.

Information Resources Management Services
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Director Dr Gintarė TAUTKEVIČIENĖ
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Tel. +370 37 300 650

Central Library

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Chemical Technology Library

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Mechanical Engineering and Design Library

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Tel. +370 37 353817, e-mail

Panevėžys Faculty of Technology and Business Library

Nemuno St. 33, LT-37164 Panevėžys
Tel. +370 45 467731, e-mail

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    On 25 th of May (Wednesday) Central library will be open for 24 hours! During the night hours: - Librarians will provide information; - Tutors will provide consultations; - Information will be provided on variety of topics: search for information, reference management tools, information usage, citation and other...
    2016-04-29 12:45
    In May library organizes training sessions for international students. We kindly invite students to participate in the training sessions. Training sessions in CENTRAL LIBRARY  Address: K. Donelaičio g. 20-203, phone number 8 (37) 300 659 „How to upload Final Thesis to eLABa repository?“ – 3rd of May 3.00-3.45...
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    On 30th of April (Saturday) Informatics, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Design Libraries working hours will be shorter one hour. Central Library will work normally.
    2016-04-27 09:15
    5 new databases from NAXOS Music Library are available for KTU users until 31st of May, 2016: NAXOS MUSIC LIBRARY JAZZ comprises the Fantasy Jazz collection, as well as Naxos, Marco Polo, Da Capo Jazz albums which are available online. The Naxos Music Library Jazz now offers more than 100,000 tracks of jazz music...
    2016-04-22 11:30
    We kindly invite on 23-29th of April to participate in events organized in KTU library these events are devoted to National Lithuanian Library Week „Strong Libraries –Strong Society“. „Strong Libraries –Strong Society“ programme: EVENT 27th of April, at 15 pm in KTU Library will be organized event to commemorate...
    2016-04-21 11:15
    From 26th of April to 2nd of May all researchers are invited to participate in books exhibition of worldwide known publishers Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, Cambridge, CRC Press. Researchers will have a possibility to suggest book titles for purchase and storage in the library. Exhibition will be displayed in the...
    2016-04-15 12:15
    We kindly invite all the members of KTU to browse in Nano Online. This database offers a comprehensive coverage of the subject area nano science and technology. This database allows for easy access to research results from a cross section of disciplines active in this area – including physics, chemistry and materials...
    2016-04-15 08:30
    You are welcome to the meeting with Heidi Strömmer, Regional Sales Manager for Finland / North Sweden and the Baltics at “Pearson“ which is one of the largest publishers of academic literature. The meeting will take place at 12.30 on the 25th of April in Conference Room No. 2 at “Santaka” Valley (K. Baršausko...
    2016-04-14 12:45
    On April 17-20th library information system renewal will be carried out. As a result of this renewal availability to library resources will be limited to search in catalogue and search in KTU Virtual library (temporal restrictions are possible). During this period ordering, borrowing or extending the renewal period...
    2016-04-12 08:15
    We kindly invite KTU researchers and all interested in science evaluation to participate in Elsevier presentation of Scopus and SciVal databases. The seminar will be held in KTU Senate hall (K. Donelaičio str. 73-302), on Tuesday, the 19th of April, 2016. Krzysztof Szymanski Elsevier representative will deliver...
    2016-04-07 13:45
    We kindly invite all the members of KTU to browse and watch three new video collections in SAGE Knowledge – Business and Management, Politics and International Relations and Psychology.  The access is available until the 1st of June, 2016.
    2016-04-07 13:30
    We kindly invite all the members of KTU to browse in Birkhäuser Building Types Online. This database is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design. All content was written and selected by internationally renowned authors in architectural design. Readers will find a large international collection of...
    2016-04-01 10:00
    Attention! All members of KTU until 1 st of May, 2016 are invited to browse in Scopus and SciVal databases. SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 7,500 research institutions and 220 countries worldwide. SciVal is based on output and usage data from Scopus, the world’s...
    2016-04-01 06:45
    In April library organizes training sessions for international students. We kindly invite students to participate in the training sessions. Training sessions in CENTRAL LIBRARY   Address: K. Donelaičio g. 20-203, phone number 8 (37) 300 659 “Search e-resources from subcribed databases“ – 20 th of April 3...
    2016-03-21 07:30
    We kindly invite to participate in the FOSTER seminar for researchers in Lithuania „Promoting Open Science among Young Researchers: Challenges and Opportunities“. The seminar will be held in Conference Room No. 1 at Santaka Valley, Kaunas University of Technology, on Thursday, the 31st of March, 2016....
    2016-03-18 13:45
    On 22-23rd of March all researchers are invited to participate in books exhibition of worldwide known publishers Oxford, KoganPage, Routledge, Elsevier, researchers will be able to suggest book titles for purchase and storage in the library. • 22nd of March 9:00 am.-1:00 pm. and 23rd of March 1:00 pm.-4:00 pm....
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