Kaunas Bus Station Open to the Public

2017-01-26 15:45

As Kaunas is greeting new international students arriving to study to KTU and other universities for the Spring Semester, we are happy to announce that the renovated and the most modern in Eastern Europe, Kaunas Bus Station is now open to the public. 700 international, intercity and suburban routes stop at Kaunas daily. Kaunas is in the very centre of Lithuania. Jump in and enjoy the ride.

The renovated Kaunas Bus Station

This Monday Kaunas Bus Station was opened to the public after a year-and-a-half reconstruction, Kaunas City Municipality informs. The Bus Station boasts modern building, spacious waiting room for passengers, modern passenger information system, underground parking and other innovations.

There are 21 departure and 3 arrival bus platforms functioning in Kaunas bus station. The information displays were installed throughout the station.

“New station is not only more beautiful and modern, but it is also more traveller-friendly. Passengers can easier find information about bus departures or arrivals. All information is given in real time”, said Linas Skardžiukas, Director-General of the transport company Kautra.

According to him, the reconstructed Kaunas Bus Station is not only the most modern in Lithuania, but in all Eastern Europe.

In addition to usual ticket offices, self-service terminals will be available at Kaunas Bus Station, allowing fast and convenient ticket purchasing with bank card payments. It is the first self-service ticket selling terminal in Lithuania.

Another innovation is parcel shipping drive-in service. From now on, Kaunas residents will be able to send or receive their parcels without needing to step out of the car.

“Public buildings of outstanding architecture and design are very much needed in Kaunas. The exclusive new bus station’s appearance creates added value for the city”, stated Gintaras Balčytis the architect of Kaunas Bus Station reconstruction project.

Fast Facts

  • 10 000 people a day
  • 700 buses a day
  • 21 departure platforms
  • 3 arrival platforms
  • 187 car places in underground parking
  • 100 bicycle places in underground
  • Car parking is free for the first two hours

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