KTU Is a Recognised Innovative University in Europe

2016-01-21 13:30

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has become a member of European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), the network of innovation pioneers from 12 European countries and Mexico. KTU is the only Lithuanian university in the Consortium.

KTU's Santaka Valley, which hosts the largest innovation support structure in the Baltics

“Although innovative study and research processes are among the main strategic priorities in many institutions of higher education, ECIU join together the universities which practice innovation in their daily activities. It is exciting that KTU, an innovation leader in the region, has been recognised as one of them”, says Asta Pundzienė, Vice-Rector for Research at KTU.

Established in 1997, the Consortium is a network built on trust, enabling its members to exchange good practices in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, and creating a mobility platform for students, teachers and researchers alike.

“Our strong competences both in technological and social sciences, close ties with industry and business, and high quality research-based study programmes, innovative management of studies and research are the shared values among the ECIU members. Valuable partnerships within the network open up new opportunities for our students and researchers”, says Pundzienė.

Fostering of innovation and entrepreneurship underlines all the activities of the Consortium members. By joining ECIU KTU becomes a partner of the University of Twente (the Netherlands), which is in the top 100 in the world in engineering studies and research, and the University of Strathclyde (Scotland, UK), one of top 30 universities in the United Kingdom and one of the best 100 universities in the world in the field of electrical and electronics engineering, and of other renowned institutions of higher education.

ECIU members are committed to the development of high quality educational practices which promote innovation and the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, and their members’ staff and students are encouraged to share good practices, to develop internationality and to challenge thinking boundaries by mobility and exchange programmes. More than 50 programmes are being offered in 13 countries and three continents.

The innovative thinking characteristic to all ECIU institutions, is also reflected in their administrative management. Many of them – same as KTU – have undergone radical study, research and financial management reorganisation and are interested in shaping policies of higher education in Europe.

KTU will join ECIU activities shortly – they will be discussed in the nearest future, during the visit of the Consortium’s President and other members at KTU.

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