KTU Students to Participate at Summer School in Netherlands

2017-03-02 13:45

Next summer will be extraordinary for two Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) students: biomedical electronics student Julija Kravčenko (Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) and programming systems student Paulius Saulėnas (Faculty of Informatics) will spend a week in a summer school organised by the University Twente (Netherlands). KTU is collaborating with Twente University through the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU): both universities are members of the Consortium.

Summer school Curiousu 2017 at the University of Twente will take place on 13–22 August. The participants may choose from 15 courses in a wide range of topics – from future design to health technologies.

“While reading the descriptions of courses I was “hooked” on the topic, connected to healthcare. I was really happy to see that the topic is very relevant to my studies here, at KTU”, says Kravčenko, who chose “The Future of Health Technology” course at the Summer School.

Julija, who is a first year student at KTU, this summer is expecting to gain experience, to expand her network of acquaintances and to improve her English skills.

“Maybe I will be lucky enough to have an opportunity to develop some technology”, says Kravčenko.

“The Future of Health Technology” course will deliver knowledge and know-how from the billion-dollar health technology industry. Development of products and technologies for diagnosing, monitoring and treatment of various conditions is a rapidly going industry of crucial importance to the mankind.

Paulius Saulėnas, the first year student at Programming Systems says that he filled in the application to participate in the summer school at the University of Twente as soon as he heard about the opportunity: “I immediately started to look into the courses offered”.

Paulius chose “Foundation of Information Retrietment” course, which will focus on computer search engines, on their importance for the users and IT companies. From Curiousu 2017 He expects new knowledge, new acquaintances and valuable experiences.

The University of Twente is among the 100 top world universities in engineering studies and research. The competition for the participation in the Curiousu 2017 summer school was organised by KTU talent academy GIFTed.COMM.


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