Vice-Rectors of Research-Intensive Universities Met at KTU

2017-01-16 15:00

Last week the meeting of Vice-Rectors of Innovation and Research of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) took place at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Santaka Valley. The aim of the visit was to find common interests and ways to improve the competitiveness of the research and innovation activities at ECIU member universities.

Vice-Rector of ECIU universities meet at KTU Santaka Valley

Vice-Rectors of 10 innovative universities from across the globe participated in the meeting hosted by KTU. The participants of the meeting represented Swedish, Spanish, Irish, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian and Mexican schools of higher education.

During the meeting the high officials of ECIU member universities agreed to use the organisation as a platform for sharing information about the activities, programmes and initiatives of the member universities, and to inform each other about work and internship placements and to share other announcements.

Among the resolutions made during the meeting, the decision to organise PhD students summer schools and to create PhD studies modules was made. In summer 2017 KTU and the University of Stavanger (Norway) will organise the doctoral summer school together.

The joint degree doctoral studies programmes, short-term internships at the ECIU member universities for academic staff, joint applications for Horizon2020 research and innovation projects as well as projects for PhD studies and post-doctoral placements were among the topics discussed by the Vice-Rectors of the institutions belonging to the international consortium of research intensive universities.

KTU has joined the European Consortium of Innovative Universities in January 2016. Established in 1997, the Consortium is a network built on trust, enabling its members to exchange good practices in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, and creating a mobility platform for students, teachers and researchers alike. 

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