Winter Graduation Ceremony Is Approaching

2017-01-10 13:45

On Friday 27 January the graduation ceremony for the 94th edition for Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Bachelors and Masters will take place. On the same day the diplomas will be awarded to the University doctors graduating this semester.

A moment from the Winter Graduation Ceremony 2016

The first graduation ceremony of this year will take place at KTU Santaka Valley. During the ceremony the fresh graduates will be greeted by the prominent guests.

According to career monitoring system, almost 70% of KTU Bachelors and almost 84% of KTU Masters find jobs during the first 6 months after graduation.

12pm graduation ceremony for the Bachelors and Masters of Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture will take place.

4pm graduation ceremony for the Bachelors and Masters School of Economics and Business, for the all KTU Doctors will take place.

It is being estimated that diplomas will be awarded to around 250 of graduates. Almost 20 international students will take part in the winter graduation ceremony.

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