International Business


The programme of International Business is aimed to deepen the knowledge in business management of students with management or any other speciality bachelor degree. This programme is unique in that it is one of the most popular KTU master study programmes among students. In the study programme, traditional subjects in international business management are in a harmony with advanced subjects in modern management with whose the programme is being continuously enriched. The programme is oriented to the preparation of management specialists for contemporary business enterprises by helping to develop the abilities to solve business management problems in active, responsible and competitive ways, to lead international multicultural teams and to be enterprising.

Ko išmoksiu?

Study program graduate will be able to work in management level jobs in a contemporary multicultural and innovative organisation that operates in international markets. He /she will be able to manage business processes at strategic and tactic levels and will know how to apply the most contemporary multidisciplinary management knowledge. The graduate will be able to manage the staff in order to achieve the tasks of ambitious organizational development and will be able to motivate and enable employees for obtaining results in professional, ethical and creative ways. Study program will help to learn how to collect data, which are relevant for organizational development, correctly and analyse them with foresight, to prepare a strategy and plans for action, organize their implementation while working not only in local but also in multicultural teams and markets.

Žiniomis dalinasi

Professor dr. Amran Bin Md. Rasli,  director of Innovation and Commercialization Centre (Malaysia)
Teaching subjects: the peculiarities of international business, creativity, strategy development, application of qualitative and quantitative research methods, analysis of statistical data

Dr. Fabian Sepulveda, lecturer at Aalto university, businessman
Teaching subjects: business models, market analysis, entrepreneurial marketing and finances, “Lean” manufacturing, negotiation in business

Dr. Stephan Buse, professor at Technical University of Hamburg (Germany)
Teaching subjects: competition in global markets, the concept of frugal innovations, its opportunities and challenges

Xavier Pavie , professor at KTU, Department of Strategic Management (Lithuania), and ESSEC Business School (France)
Teaching subjects: responsible innovation management

Prof. dr. Max von Zedtwitz, an expert of global R&D and innovation and managing director of research network GLORAD.
Teaching subjects: global R&D and innovation; research intenationalisation

Įgyjama kvalifikacija

Master of International Business Studies

Studijų kalba

Lithuanian, English

Studijų trukmė


School of Economics and Business
Gedimino g. 50, 44239, Kaunas


International Studies Office | Department of International Relations
Enrolment Manager Laura MICKEVIČIENĖ
Donelaičio St. 73, room 104, LT-44029 Kaunas
tel. +370 37 323 894


A1the system of management knowledge and business processes, and the underlying national and international factors;
A2organization theories and concepts that define the establishment and functioning and the contemporary business organizations;
A3the main global trends in economic, social, political, legal, ethical and technological business environment, their drives and impact on the national and international business;
A4theories of knowledge organization creation and management, the concepts of organizational learning and knowing;
A5qualitative and quantitative methods of social research and their combination taking into account their methodological and ethical specifics.

Intellectual Abilities

B1to research, analyse, create and evaluate the philosophy of business organization, its development aims, mission and vision;
B2to carry out the strategic business analysis by choosing the apropriate techniques and instruments;
B3to analyze and evaluate the business environments by applying the business intelligence techniques, to create the future scenarios;
B4to collect, analyze and systemize the information, to be acquainted with the techniques that allow to create a reliable database for the decision making, and to develop knowledge and competence in the field by using the information technologies and the techniques of metalearning;
B5to possess an entrepreneurial approach to the external market changes, to identify new fields of activity, to abstract new knowledge and generate ideas, to make entrepreneurial decisions and solve organizational competitiveness problems;
B6to reflect on the acquired knowledge and experience on the basis of personal values and principles of business ethics.

Practical Abilities

C1 to carry out quantitative, qualitative and mixed research in business systems and social phenomena by preparing and modifying the reliable and measurable reseach instruments, collecting, analysing data and drawing the appropriate conclusions, and by being able to analyze varuious contexts and act independently as well as in the work groups;
C2to improve the business and management practice by meeting the contemporary requirements of the knowledg economy, global and European business trends as well as national needs.

Transferable Abilities

D1meta-learning, systemic and critical thinking, self-motivation, creativity and problem solving;
D2analytical and research, mathematical (statistical);
D3information communication technologies application (work with databases);
D4communication and presentation, communication (with person, in teams, in learning and partnership network);
D5career planning, work in organization, integrative and leadership competences.

„In the age of globalisation, internationalisation is one of the most valued traits in employees. The ability to recognize, understand and work with foreign clients and partners becomes a necessity. Master studies of International Business provided me an opportunity to go deeper in the specifics of business creation and development in an international context. During the master studies of International Business different competencies of a student are nurtured, and by adding these competencies to a whole, a future leader that possesses a wide portfolio of competences and is able fulfil the tasks formulated to him, is nurtured. During the studies, a student deepens his knowledge in finances, marketing, creative thinking, logistics, manufacturing management and in other fields through the lenses of internationalisation. By possessing a wide portfolio of competencies, an ability to work in intercultural teams and a good understanding of business processes, I am able to offer to my clients optimal decisions and provide additional business development consultations that help clients to grow up together with us“ – Aurimas Jozeliūnas, sales manager at JSC „ACC Distribution“

„Students that have finished KTU master programme International Business are acquired comprehensive knowledge in management and economics. Based on this knowledge they are able to understand international business environment, work in a team, organise personal and group activity. Graduates are able to collect, analyse and systematise information, allowing to create a trustworthy basis for solutions, and to think critically and creatively. International business students easily communicate and bravely adapt acquired knowledge in everyday life. Our enterprise constantly offers placement to students of the programme and employs graduates“ – Živilė Žalienė, plant director at JSC „Micro Matic


From project manager, group manager, department manager, business consultant, enterprise manager, enterprise founder to enterprise owner.

Absolventai jau dirba

„SEB“. „Swedbank“. „Pricewaterhouse Coopers“. „Kitron“. „Lietuvos energija“. „Tamro Baltics“. „Audimas“. „Micro Matic“. „Suslavičius-Felix“. „Panevėžio statybos trestas“. „LOTOS Geonafta“. „Camelia“ („Nemuno vaistinė“, JSC). „Klaipėdos valstybinio jūrų uosto direkcija“. „Philip Morris Lietuva“. „Comfort Heat“. „Kautra“, etc.


Any business and non-profit institution where the positions of manager, project manager, group manager exist.

Papildomos veiklos ir galimybės

1. An opportunity in the module Market Strategies to create common projects of new products’ideas with other teams from foreign universities (the most successful projects are presented to investors)
2. An opportunity to participate in a virtual and multicultural project X-Culture, in which the participants learn how to work in virtual multicultural teams
3. All additional activities of self-expression and learning, innovative business spaces and interdisciplinary activities provided by KTU are also available to the students of the programme

1 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1International Business Management (S185M002)1010
2International Business Logistics (S190M018)55
3International Competitiveness (S189M014)55
4Electives 155
5Electives 255

2 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1International Value Chains (S190M125)55
2Strategic Management (S190M610)1010
3Social Research Methodology (S189M148)55
4Electives 355
5Electives 355

3 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Research Project (S000M126)55
2Market Strategies (S191M137)1010
3Electives 41010
4Electives 555

4 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Final Degree Project (S000M009)3030

Electives 1

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Corporate Finance (S181M541)55
2Financing of International Trade (S180M125)55

Electives 2

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Business Models Innovation (S189M121)55
2Modern Management of Organization (S189M187)55

Electives 3

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Business Process Management (S189M011)55
2Communication and Negotiation (S265M002)55
3Creative Decision Making (S189M035)55
4Service Development in Networked Economy (S185M620)55

Electives 3

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Business Process Management (S189M011)55
2Communication and Negotiation (S265M002)55
3Creative Decision Making (S189M035)55
4Service Development in Networked Economy (S185M620)55

Electives 4

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Business Intelligence (S189M012)55
2Innovation Management (S190M171)55
3Intellectual Capital Management (S189M104)55
4Management of Organizational Networks (S189M130)55

Electives 5

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Economic Valuation of Innovations (S180M115)55
2Real Estate and Business Valuation (S190M136)55
3Strategic Finance Management (S181M118)55
4Strategic Management Accounting (S192M114)55
5Sustainable Development (S189M131)55