Marketing Management


Those studies are oriented to market needs and meet the international standards of marketing qualification. Studies are based on continuous collaboration with marketing practitioners and lecturers from foreign universities. The graduates possess modern knowledge of marketing management that enables systemic and holistic understanding of marketing. They are able critically evaluate marketing problems, complex situations and make strategic and tactical marketing management decisions.

What will I learn?

A graduate possesses deep knowledge of marketing management, understands and creatively applies modern marketing management theories, methods and technologies, knowing the possibilities and limits of their use in performance of organizations. A graduate is able to analyse and critically evaluate complex marketing situations in local and international markets; to develop and implement original marketing ideas, to carry out methodologically sound research and responsibly disseminate the results. A graduate is able to make strategic and tactic marketing management decisions that ensure business competitiveness.

Key professors

Dr Laura Šalčiuvienė, Lancaster university (the UK)
Lecture topic: „Marketing ethics in business and competitive advantages it creates”

Dr Tahir Rashid, Salford university (the UK)
Lecture topics: Cross-cultural consumer behavior, relationship marketing

Šarūnas Jasiukevičius, manager of communication agency „Point Media“
Lecture topic: „Anatomy of Video clip or how to become a producer?”

Šarūnas Šėža, president of Kaunas Business Managers Club
Lecture topic: „Creativity: 100 ways to use the spade”

Degree awarded

Master of Marketing

Language of studies

Lithuanian, English

Duration of studies


School of Economics and Business
Gedimino g. 50, 44239, Kaunas


International Studies Office | Department of International Relations
Enrolment Manager Laura MICKEVIČIENĖ
Donelaičio St. 73, room 104, LT-44029 Kaunas
tel. +370 37 323 894

Knowledge and Its Application

A1Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of strategic management, enabling to develop ideas of marketing management and other areas based on scientific research findings in a novel way.
A2Understands and creatively applies the latest marketing management theories, methods and technologies, justifying the possibilities and limitations of their application in organization activities.
A3Demonstrates understanding of marketing research methodology and functional areas of marketing management based on knowledge of modern scientific research and practice.
A4Integrates knowledge of marketing domain for solving local and international complex problems of marketing management while implementing applied marketing and interdisciplinary research, and performing consulting activities.

Research Skills

B1Is able to analyse and critically evaluate the processes within organization and its environment substantiating causes and effects of those processes by results of modern scientific research.
B2Is able to develop a research methodology enabling to collect, process, analyse and interpret data necessary for marketing management studies as well as for professional and research activity.
B3Is able to carry out independently a methodologically grounded marketing research, evaluate its results, discover new facts and define the possibilities to apply them in marketing management practice as well as in research and in consulting activities.
B4Is able to integrate research methods of marketing and other areas for interdisciplinary research and economically, socially and ethically responsible decision-making.

Subject–Specific Skills

C1Is able to identify and evaluate complicated situations in marketing and related areas utilising appropriate management systems, concepts and methods.
C2Is able to perform a critical analysis of marketing theories, research and practice and to apply its results creatively when solving functional problems of marketing management in a new and unfamiliar environment.
C3Is able to make strategic and tactical decisions of marketing management, to carry out research activity based on the knowledge and skills acquired.
C4Is able to develop marketing strategy project that demonstrates holistic approach to marketing management problem solving, evaluate critically its success and recommend appropriate actions for future projects.

Social Skills

D1Efficiently communicates in oral and written form to professionals and other stakeholders, is able to critically asses information for solving scientific and practical problems of marketing management and other areas.
D2Is able to work individually and in groups, manage the creative process of ones' own and others, taking responsibility for ones' own and others performance, guided by professional ethics and public spirit.

Personal Skills

E1Demonstrates approach to marketing management based on knowledge of scientific research and professional competence, is able to make innovative decisions considering its public and ethical consequences.
E2Independently plans learning process, is able to choose the direction for improvement and to acquire knowledge and skills, necessary for implementation of scientific research and practical decision-making.

„...To see the environment not only through your own eyes, but through the eyes of others as well, observe, know, identify expectations, attract attention, evaluate and persuade. After graduation of marketing studies in KTU I’ve got the key that opened the door to continuously amazing, changing and offering world. I have the power and freedom to choose what I want “ - Žilvinas Freigofas, director

„I love this profession because of a possibility to participate in many business processes: forecasting market trends, creating and implementing business ideas and strategies, influencing present and developing new market needs, building and consolidating business relationships. Marketing opens new roads everyday – don’t be afraid to use them!” - Monika Alimienė, UAB „Sanitex“ marketing manager for Baltic states


From marketing manager. Marketing project (segment, brand, communication, etc.) manager. Marketing executive manager in national and international companies. Advertising, public relations and creative agency manager. Manager of marketing consultations and research centers. Business owner. To CEO.

Graduates work in

„Blue Bridge“. „Sanitex“. „ACME Group“. „Nemuno vaistinė“. „Technopolis“. „Nauji verslo projektai“. „Krekenavos agrofirma“. „Swedbank“. Other.


„Blue Bridge“. „Sanitex“. „ACME Group“. „Nemuno vaistinė“. „Technopolis“. „Nauji verslo projektai“. „Krekenavos agrofirma“. „Swedbank“. Other.

Other opportunities

1. Membership at KTU Marketing club
2. Possibility to engage into business development projects
3. Possibility to engage into scientific projects
4. Possibility to participate at national and international scientific conferences

1 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Marketing Management (S191M125)1010
2Cross-Cultural Consumer Behaviour (S191M126)55
3International Marketing (S191M111)55
4Digital Marketing (S191M133)55
5Strategic Management Methodology (S190M154)55

2 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Brand and Communications Management (S191M141)1010
2Marketing Research Design (S191M142)55
3Project of Marketing Strategy (S191M127)55
4Research Project 1 (S000M134)55
5Electives 155

3 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Entrepreneurial Marketing (S191M011)55
2Relationship Marketing (S191M130)1010
3Data Analysis Methods (S191M143)55
4Research project 2 (S000M132)55
5Electives 255

4 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Final Degree Project (S000M131)3030

Electives 1

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Business Process Management (S189M011)55
2Corporate Reputation Management (S191M124)55
3Leadership (S190M156)55
4Social Responsibility (S180M114)55

Electives 2

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Forecasting of Business Environment in Global Economy (S185M105)55
2Negotiation and Conflict Management (S260M101)55
3Strategic Finance Management (S181M118)55
4Strategic Management Accounting (S192M114)55