Technology Management


Having in mind the growing importance and demand for technology and innovation in modern business, the program develops future leaders with an exclusive mix of technology, innovation and management knowledge and skills, capable of creating and developing technological, industrial businesses and to compete successfully in the local and international markets.

Ko išmoksiu?

Upon successful completion of their studies, the graduates of "Technology Management" program shall significantly expand the already existing knowledge of technological sciences, and will acquire useful competencies of social sciences that are badly needed in the modern technology (and not only) businesses. The acquired product creation and development; business model innovation; economic evaluation of innovations; production marketing; business process management expertise will allow to successfully develop technological projects, build, deploy and sell various types of innovation. The knowledge and skills of change management and leadership will help working in multi-faceted teams, help organizations to achieve their targets and to successfully manage and implement the necessary changes.

Žiniomis dalinasi

Mr. Vytautas Vaškevičius, head of JSC „Sekasoft“
Lecture topics: Application of Innovative Information Technologies in the Development of Competitive Advantages

Mr. Jonas Koryzna, Kaunas Chamber of Coomerce, vice-president
Lecture topics: The Peculiarities of Technology Business Planning and Organizing

 Mr. Mindaugas Alaburda, head of production department at JSC „Kauno energetikos remontas“
Lecture topics: The Significance, Functions and Future Vision of Technology and Inovations in the Energy Business

Įgyjama kvalifikacija

Master of Management Studies

Studijų kalba

Lithuanian, English

Studijų trukmė

2 y. - full-time3 y. - part-time


School of Economics and Business
Gedimino g. 50, 44239, Kaunas


International Studies Office | Department of International Relations
Enrolment Manager Laura MICKEVIČIENĖ
Donelaičio St. 73, room 104, LT-44029 Kaunas
tel. +370 37 323 894

Knowledge and Its Application

A1Demonstrate knowledge and understanding about functions comprising organizations while designing and providing products for customers, management of organizations and external context of organizations.
A2Understand virtues of contemporary technological systems, theories and methods of technology management as well as a role of technologies in achieving competitive advantage of organization.
A3Be able to critically asses the dominant worldview based on economic growth and contribute by personal actions and decisions to sustainable development of business and society.

Research Skills

B1Be able to identify opportunities for basic research and technological development at the boundaries of technological, physical, biomedical and business, management sciences.
B2Be able to solve complex problems of technology management while initiating basic, technological development or applied research.

Subject–Specific Skills

C1Be able to ground a strategy of technology development in order to achieve fit of organizational capabilities of technology with strategic objectives of organization and tendencies of a development of technologies.
C2Be able to transform physical, technological and biomedical knowledge into business products and design and implement systems of introduction of new products in mature, fast changing and emerging markets.
C3Be able to apply knowledge on technology and processes management while designing, managing and improving value creation chains.

Social Skills

D1Be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients, colleagues, investors, scientists; to work in interdisciplinary teams; to create climate of teamwork while taking upon oneself social responsibility; demonstrate abilities of leadership in national and international context.
D2Be able to express ideas smoothly and persuasively while solving practical and scientific problems of technology management and introducing new products and process innovations in oral or written form, using a range of media to enhance the effect in Lithuanian and foreign languages.

Personal Skills

E1Be able to take care of own personal development, enhance professional mastery, tolerance for risk and failures, comfort feeling in constantly changing contexts; shapes personal mode of conduct.
E2Be able to critically evaluate own and others’ professional activities, organizational behavior, societal processes; to reflect systemically on own professional development; to take responsibility for own and others’ professional development.

„For me, as a technology professional, this program has considerably expanded my knowledge and competencies both in the fields of technological sciences and social sciences as well. During the product creation and development, innovation, business models, business process management, industrial marketing, production logistics, innovation economic assessment, change management, leadership, and other useful lectures I have acquired competences, which made it possible to get my dream job and made a significant contribution to the success of my career development” - Mr. Algirdas Sabaliauskas, project manager at JSC „Enerstena“

„The synthesis of managerial and technological knowledge in one program creates extra added value to a graduate of these studies. The students of this particular program have excellent opportunities to quell the current hunger of highly skilled and combined competencies (management + technology) professionals in the labor market” - Mr. Kęstutis Šeštokas Head of JSC „Kitron“


From. Technology company business project manager. Head of a sub-division in a technology company. Head of a division in a technology company. To. Head of a technology company.

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Papildomos veiklos ir galimybės

1. Participation in on-demand business projects
2. Participation in interdisciplinary research
3. Project activities

1 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Scientific Research Methodology (S190M151)55
2Business Models Innovation (S189M121)55
3Product Design and Development (S189M102)1010
4Strategic Management Methodology (S190M154)55
5Electives 155

2 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Industrial Marketing (S191M151)55
2Contemporary Conceptions of Production Organization (S189M433)1010
3Business Process Management (S189M011)55
4Research Project 1 (S000M127)55
5Electives 255

3 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Production Logistics (S189M101)55
2Economic Valuation of Innovations (S180M115)55
3Change Management (S190M132)1010
4Research Project 2 (S000M128)55
5Electives 355

4 semester

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Final Degree Project (S000M005)3030

Electives 1

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1International Industry and Business (T130M138)55
2Management of Organizational Networks (S189M130)55

Electives 2

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Human Resources Management (S189M179)55
2Leadership (S190M156)55

Electives 3

CourseNational CreditsECTS
1Biotechnology (T490M102)55
2Innovative Mechanical Technologies (T130M118)55
3Modern Materials and Nanotechnologies (T480M010)55